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I video preferiti di Dylan Petali_Sparsi

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inserito il: 12/11/2012 alle 20:16  

JANIS JOPLIN Little girl blue

Sit there, hmm, count your fingers. What else, what else is there to do ? Oh and I know how you feel, I know you feel that youre through. Oh wah wah ah sit there, hmm, count, Ah, count your little fingers, My unhappy oh little girl, little girl blue, yeah. Oh sit there, oh count those raindrops Oh, feel em falling down, oh honey all around you. Honey dont you know its time, I feel its time, Somebody told you cause you got to know That all you ever gonna have to count on Or gonna wanna lean on Its gonna feel just like those raindrops do When theyre falling down, honey, all around you. Oh, I know youre unhappy. Oh sit there, ah go on, go on And count your fingers. I dont know what else, what else Honey have you got to do. And I know how you feel, And I know you aint got no reason to go on And I know you feel that you must be through. Oh honey, go on and sit right back down, I want you to count, oh count your fingers, Ah my unhappy, my unlucky And my little, oh, girl blue. I know youre unhappy, Ooh ah, honey I know, Baby I know just how you feel.

durata: 238 sec.

inserito il: 30/09/2012 alle 2:12  

una grande lezione di vita...grazie nick vujicic

sottotitolato in italiano da matias

durata: 161 sec.

inserito il: 22/09/2012 alle 0:40  

The way you look tonight

Uma das minhas músicas preferidas

durata: 220 sec.

inserito il: 22/09/2012 alle 0:39  

"One Day I'll Fly Away" - Randy Crawford (2006)

Joe Sample Trio and Randy Crawford in one of the first (and best!) live registrations of their current-day reunion. Randy Crawford (vocals); Joe Sample (piano); Nikolas Sample (acoustic bass); John Mclean (drums). Their latest album 'No Regrets' is out now!

durata: 302 sec.

inserito il: 18/09/2012 alle 13:20  

Ivano Fossati - Carte da decifrare

Dal Vivo Volume 2. Registrato a Cremona, Teatro Ponchielli (Epic Records, 1993).

durata: 205 sec.

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