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I video preferiti di edvige

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inserito il: 30/01/2010 alle 17:13  

The Tale of Arwen and Aragorn

A tribute to the love between the Evenstar and Elessar (Aragorn), going by Somebody Said Goodbye by Enya. I DID NOT MAKE!!! Please Comment though.

durata: 248 sec.

inserito il: 22/01/2010 alle 15:05  

Ryuichi Sakamoto

farfalle voli sentimenti

durata: 263 sec.

inserito il: 21/10/2009 alle 19:49  

Chris Botti & Sting : La belle dame sans regrets

From : Chris Botti " When I fall in Love" (2004) tp:Chris Botti vo : Sting g : Dominic Miller p : Billy Childs Images : Gustave Moreau (1826-1898) Sappho on the rocks(1871-72)@the Victoria and Albert Museum in London Leaping from the Leucadian Cliff (1864) The Death of Sappho (1876)@Musee d'Art, Saint-Lo

durata: 333 sec.

inserito il: 14/10/2009 alle 11:09  

mozart - dies irae

dal requiem con immagini del manoscritto originale

durata: 110 sec.

inserito il: 14/10/2009 alle 11:03  

F. Chopin: Nocturne in C# minor Op.posth.

Pianist: IRENE VENEZIANO October 2007

durata: 263 sec.

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